8 February 2013

Lights&Dust WIP

I've not been unloading any WIPs for a while. So I'm going to fix this fired situation. Here I go with the WIP for the latest work Lights&Dust. ^_^ Unfortunately I have just a few stages of the work, as I was so deep in the process, I was difficult for me to distract myself from the work o make a new layer. So this is all I have. :(
Comments are much appreciated guys! I always happy to hear back from you!


  1. Another amazing work! I love your drawings so much, it's like they have souls! Hope you will keep up your work, I believe you will be successful one day :D

  2. Wow - I just found your site, and am just blown away by how talented you are! I hope you'll share more of your work. I've bookmarked your site.

    Just awesome! I'm so impressed