29 August 2011

Even the most darling main character!

Here is the finished Kuroi's portrait. He is the main character of my book. Even more... main and the favourite. His femail appearense is not a mistake, it his feature. The first idea was to draw him injured, lying on the grass. But I thought that it is to many blood in my works. What does it mean? :)
So... there one more thing I have to say. It is the 100th work in photoshop in my life. It's a some sort of an anniversary! To celebraite it I'm planing to post a drawing process of this work, guess, it will be interesting... what do you think?
By the way you may noticed that there are not a hundret of works in my gallery. Many of them are not published, course they are not finished. And I'm afraid I' won't finish them in future. My style had changed and I hope a technique had improved as well So I'm going to post some of them.

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