28 September 2011

Unfinished works

I have to say something about my works that will not be finished for sure. Why? Actualy there are only two reasons: my level of drawing is groing up, and pics, that was started long time ago seems for me not good enough to continiue them, and emotions, with witch this or that work was started dissapear after some time. But I love all of my works, even those, that are not finished. And I want to present them to you.
Here is Tamara. One of the main characters of my book. She is a sister of Kuroi, whose portrait is in the last post. I was so inspired of her personaliry ans drawn this in the time of 6 hours. But than my dear aunt sad the picture seems to have erm... erotic subtext. I was very was downcast about her words, cors I have not mean that! Anyway I stoped working under it... and as it turned out forever. Sorry, Tamare! I'll make new picture of you!

This is the next one. Very dark and sad work. It was an illutration to my feeling at that time. I fell out with my parents, who are the firs persons in my life indeed, and I felt myself so lost and lonley and was crying for two hours. And I started to draw this work about the pure sorrow. With the dark around and the fogg, hidding everything good from you. With tha face wrinkled in ugly grimace of pain...

But... bad moment went away...

So.... let's stop with that. I'll soon continue this poste, as fast as I'll find out other unfinished works. Be prepeared! :)

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