22 November 2011

And again there is a short list of the works that will never be finished. 
I'd like to start with this golden one. It's very new. This fall was absolutely gorgeous in Russia. It was really bright and colorful. I've never seen such bright colors... or they've never attracted my attention. If it's so, I'm a very poor man. Anyway... Here is a picture, which the autumn inspired me to draw. I love it, rally... but I've not invented any interesting plot for it. And I decided to draw pictures with deep stories in it. And there is no one there. But I think it's beautiful. 

 It's a line art for this picture.

The second one, i want to tell about... is a picture of a hunting woman. The idea was... to draw a moment... when she hear a sound and turning round to face a danger. But... my friend, I showed this work to said that he can see no idea and no emotions in this piece. I was upset course I saw them myself... But I looked at the picture with the new glance and was disappoint by it. And it's here now.

This one is older. I drew it this summer, dreaming to see real mountains. But I thought that I was drawing too many dragons last time. :) But I still have a dream to see and to draw mountains. And I swear I'll do it!

And this is a little extremely quick sketch of a picture I imagined. It's twilight... in some very wonderful and magical place... Love this one. But I was born to be a sketch. :)

That's all for this time! Have a nice day! Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed. :)