3 November 2011

She (Working Process)

This working process was is not in fact a working process. It's copies of the layers in my psd document. But I hop that you'll find them interesting.
As alway the first thing that appears - is very approximate sketch. I

Than I started to draw eyes. In my plan they wold the main thing in this portrait. 

Than the color appears. At first I thought that there will be a forest ob the background. As mystery and dark than as her eyes are.

The next stage of the work was the coat. I had 3 references, 3 photos made this summer when I was working as a photographer on the rafting trips. And I used my own coat... It was lying behind my laptop and I was moving int to understand how does the light work on it's fabric.
I zoomed the picture and drew attentively all creases. I enjoyed much to draw iron details on the coat. You know, it's actually very easy to draw them realistic. You need three colors. First is the main color of metal . I'll call it gray, to make it simple explain. The second is the color is the colors of the shadow - it's very dark color of the the  environment around the metal detail. And the third is the color of light. I prefer very bright lemon tints. :)

 There is the finished coat. On this stage i decided to make background black. I thought that it would me eve more dramatic than the forest. :)

 The next is the long work with hair.

And the work is finished. It took about four day. :)


  1. Wow! Thank you! But I'm afraid that I don't deserve to be called the Master. Yet! :)