17 December 2011

My Gods (process)

One day I've decided not to draw illustrations to my novel until it become necessary for publishing. I was planing to make pictures with their own plot, as Lullaby has. But... I turned to a big problem for me, course I really miss my drawn characters. So I continue to draw in in my free time... :)
The story of this picture comes from the third part of my book, where Kuroi (here is the name the characters) meets two Gods in his dream. Darkness and Light. They came to him to give an advice and in his vision they took his hands. Darkness took his right one and Light the left one. Darkness are the goddess   
of the night and cold and she freeze his arm into a ice, whereas Light is the god of day and heat and he burns his arm into a embers. 
So... here is the stages of the work:
 As always everything begins with sketch. Fast and swinging. :)

Then... came an inspiration and I was drawing for a long time on the layer.... sorry... :) 

 After that I took a smooth brush and made the skin more realistic and mede some changes in the shape of the face. I was a little bit too... puffy... like a child. But if we a talking about an almost grown up man we have to highlight cheekbones.

 The rest body suffer the same fate with the smooth brush. :)

Then I've draw a buckle. Love to draw a metal! It's so easy and in the end it looks so realistic! Bu the way there will be a lot of metal in my next work. It's almost finished... but still needs some time. :)

 And hair. It's not as scary as it seems to be. You already has a basic colors of shadows and light on the them, so this thin hais appear only in the frontier of the tomes. And on the edge of the silhouette of course.
Then the main part of the picture - his arms. It was... unusual to draw such thinks. I've never drawn embers before! But it was funny! It was like an experiment... I was drawing until it become look like something real! :))) 


  1. Stunning! I enjoyed reading the story for this picture. Is the blonde girl (your another character) from the same story? Could you give a brief description of your novel please? :)

  2. Thank you! :) The blond girl is the character from te same story - you are right. They are both (Kuroi and Zekhai) the mein characters of the story.
    And about a description... once Tolsoy, talking about War and Peace, said that if he could quicly tell what his story about, he wouldn't have never begin to write it. :) Of couse I'm not as supemaster as Tolstoy was, but my novel is also consist of 3 parts. :))) Morover english is not my native languge - so I don't feel myself confident enough in it.
    I can just say that it's a story of the parallel world cald Silana, where the magic, not the science, rules everything. And once a ruler of this world has visited the Earth and brought the war to the Silana. In general it's a story of finding home, friends, happyness and at last yourself in the world divided into black and white halfs.