1 January 2012

Angel Guardian

Hi there! :) Here is one more WIP of my work. I was a private commission for one lady. She asked me to draw a guardian angel with his ward. She was so kind that said to me that I can draw it in the way I want. So...  I remembered one inspiriting parable. Unfortunately I didn't find in english version, so I'll try to translate it myself.

Once an angel asked a man: "Do you want to look at your life?"
"I do" - the man answered.
The angel rised him up and the man saw two strings of footsteps going behind each other.
"Who's that, behind me?" the man asked.
"That's me" - the angel answered. - "I was accompanied you all your entire life".
"So why does one line disappear sometimes?"
"It's the hardest moments in you life".
"So why did you leave me in the hardest moments? How could you?"
"I didn't understand"  - said an angel quietly. "I was carrying you on my hands".

P.S.: Sorry for my terrible english... :))

This story affected me so much that I decided to draw an angel, who's tired and injured, but anyway he continues to carry his ward trough the darkness.

 The beginning was very prosaic as always. :)

Than at the very first time I decided to make my sketch more detailed. I planed to draw and armor, and didn't know how really looks like. So I drew the main parts of it.

Than I made a new layer under the layer with the sketch to draw a future light. I wanted to play with lighting in this work to draw too bright lights and too dark shadows, in Caravaggio way.

 Than I started to paint, as usual from the face.

 Than I drew the main hues of the work. Braun, red and golden.. and a little bit steel-gray.

  Metal... Each material need it's own way of stylization, it's own method of drawing. I was talking about the method of drawing polished metal... using in jewels... but armor metal is different. There are also a big contract between sour hue of light and cold gray hue of shadow, but it's texture is rough.

 Than I changed a pose of the wings... to make a sense of guarding. And angel use them as a shield to save a woman from danger hiding in the darkness.

 The forest in the back ground it's an autumn forest... I tryied to make it looks like a dead forest, to exaggerate to feeling of danger. :)

 The material of the dress is satin. Slippery. In the same way does the light contact with it. Very smooth, but in the moment where is the deep fold, comes the darkness.

 Here I'm finishing the wings. To draw winds you have to understand it's anatomy very well. Don't be lazy look trough thousands of references till you got it. I can't help you to do it from here. :)

And .... the end!  Hope you enjoyed! :))


  1. Hello, I have followed you on DA, but I did not realize you had a blog!
    I follow you here as well, you're talented and I really like your way of painting with digital;)

  2. Hello, Sara! I've made this blog not long time a go. :))) Thank you so much for your kind words, it's really wonderful to hear them about you work! Thank you! :)