16 February 2012


This time inspiration came from the Bible. But I'm not a believer. On the contrary I'm an atheist. But I adore the Bible like great fantasy book. There is a huge story inside and I love to read it again and again. So... the that's how come the idea to draw something from it. So here it is my seraph.
I wan't him to be maximum not human inside. Moreover fs he is an angel he should be sexless. In this portrait we can see only the face of him, so it was complicated for me to do it. Course there're a lot of men with female faces and women with male ones.

 Here you can see that I moved the eye a bit. It was too close to
the nose. And it made this guy look stupid. :)

On this stage I realized that black hair don't suit this posture. They make him look more... like a guy from the street. So I made a blond of him. :)