8 February 2012

Drawing Cass :)

Oh, my God... The last post I did was a month ago! Awful! :) So... I'll be a good girl since now. So here is a WIP of Castiel's portrait. I found my self as a big fan of Supernatural TV show. :) And it's seems to be evidently that Cass is my favorite. :)

So... At first there was a quick sketch. It look's like absolutely not Castiel. But that's is because there're no shadows, and lights, that make the shape of his face. Anyway here the main proportions are given. I had a 3,5 seasons of references, so to find them out wasn't difficult. :)
And again everything starts with the eye. I wanted to draw exactly Cass, not Misha. No doubts this guys share one skull, but not one personality. So I drew sad eyes with wandering glance, and exaggerated this with dark blue color in the top of the iris.
Then I appeared the main colors of his face with the lights and shadows. No it looks more like Cass. I made a skin more dark and grey in the place where I was planning to draw a bristle. Of course real skin are not grey under it, but the bristle casts shadow and this is exactly this shadow.
Here I'm finished with colors and the shapes of his face and hair. And I started to make a texture of the skin. Many people ask me if I use a special brush. So the answer is "no". The standard round brush is all that's needed. There're really a million of things that you can do with it.
Making a skin texture it in another words is drawing a patches of light on the skin. The main trick is to guess where to draw these patches. To do it well you have to look after the skin in different illumination.

Then goes the famous trench coat and some light on the hair. Usually I use very small size of brush to draw hair, but here I did it in another way. Men's hair are more tough so I did it less detailed than I always do. So... that's it. Hope it was useful for you! :)))

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