23 September 2012

The Ones To Save the World

Hello, guys

Today I'm uploading a working process of the work, the half of the one is probably familiar to you. Actually the version of the work you see know was my very first vision of it. I had to finally come to a decision how will my main characters look like. And while I did it with Zekhai (the white-haired girl), it wasn't that easy with Kuroi (long-black-haired one). I've been drawing him really a lot, but those works was just efforts to draw his the only one look. Now I'm finally succeeded in it. And here they are, both of of my characters. Finally together. ^_^


  1. Saw you in Romantically Apocalyptic, AWESOME. Checked out your DA and blog, AWESOME.

    Amazing work, keep it up. Have any of your works been translated into English?