5 September 2012

Vesus Dragon

Hi there again, guys! :)
I finally finished one more big work. Actually there are a lot of stuff, happened to me this Summer... For example, I've visited Toronto, as I wished for a long time... (but I'm going to make a big post on my DA page or something, to show you photos from my trip and to share my opinion about the city...). Anyway this picture I made especially for ImagineFX rising star competition. I took part in this one last year, but didn't win. So now I have better works and I decided to give it a try one more time. For this reason I drew one more work, tried to do it more expressive and dynamic as I usually do.
So here it is. This is actually a scene from my book. The black-haired guy is the main character of the novel, but idea of the fantasy man, fighting a dragon seemed to be more then understandable for those (in this case for many us) who didn't read my book.
So here you can see working process. :) Hope you'll find it interesting and useful! :)

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  1. This is a fantastic look into your workflow and (may I say) the end result looks spectacular. Thanks for sharing!